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At the end of February aplications for participation in the competition of IT startups in began to be accepted by IT_EUREKA. The main prize is 100 000 UAH. Swedish ІТ- counseling company Sigma Software is an competition organizer. The competition will be held under the aegis of inistry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the framework of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Innovation Fest. 

У другій частині матеріалу CEO компанії – Світлана Мальована –  розповіла про співпрацю команди Raccoon.Recovery з MIT Enterprise Forum CEE та поділилася власним досвідом участі у акселераційних програмах і їх вплив на розвиток сучасного стартапу! In the second part of the article, the CEO of the company – Svetlana Malevannaya – told about the cooperation between the Raccoon.Recovery and MIT Enterprise Forum CEE  and shared her own experience of participating in accelerator programs and their impact on the development of a modern startup!

“Video games are really useful!”- you will tell your parents and grandmother, and confirm your defiant statement with the story of a successful Ukrainian startup Raccoon.Recovery, which simply changes our world for the better! In the first part of the post, CEO of the startup Svetlana Malevannaya talks about the project, its origins, development , and mission after its transformation, and the challenges that the Raccoon.Recovery team has been struggling with.

The results of the Ukrainian startup Fund competition are not yet known, but we managed to talk to the team of FlameBlocks-finalists and potential winners of UFS. Vitaly Tsymbal, the project’s founder, willingly told us about the startup itself, the UFS concept, the first Pitch Day, and his own experience in building a startup.

Lingart is a Lviv startup that we first got accquainted with in Kiev during the Innovation Festival Kyiv 2019 and then continued keeping in touch with them whe preparating for KYIV TECH HUB’19. The startup whose founder has impressed us with his determination and world outlook: what is it that you dont like? Do you want to change anything ? Just do it!

It is of utmost importance to train to manage this valuable resource and master the art of managing it. And now, at the time that most people are making plans and resolutions for New 2020 Year, we have prepared for you a small set of tools and resources that will enable you to take control of your life and learn to effectively distribute time. Read further on. How do you plan your time? We’ll be glad to add your tips and favourite resoureces to our selection.

Results of Startup Fest: interview with the 3D print – the winner of the startup contest! Olexiy Shevchenko, project manager, spoke about the advantages of the device over similar ones in the market and the experience of building a successful startup in Ukraine