• Founding date


  • Headquarter

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Current project stage


  • Product type


  • Sector

    AI, Blockchain, Data & Analytics

  • Investment Ticket (USD)

    400 000

  • Investment type

    Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, Business Angel

  • Investment round


  • Business Model

    B2B, B2B2C

  • Source of current funding

    Founders, Business Angel, Accelerator / Incubator

Zpoken AI

Zpoken AI is a data science company with several products in speech analytics and computer vision areas including: calltracking, smart voice chatbot, speech recognition, voice identification, natural language processing, automatic summarization, lexical semantics object detection and counting, facial recognition and analysis, behavioral analytics. Zpoken has developed complex neural networks and provides services by creating on-demand solutions for clients. All AI-powered products provided by Zpoken replace human factor, save a lot of money and eliminate human mistakes.

Annual Revenue (USD)

180 000

MRR - Monthly recurring revenue (USD)

15 000 – 20 000

Funding spent to date (USD)

15 000 – 20 000