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  • Headquarter

    Kyiv, Ukraine

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  • Sector

    Aerospace, Drones

  • Investment Ticket (USD)

    50 000

  • Investment type

    Private Equity

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Space Cossaks

Hybrid air platform made of an aerostat and a multirotor drone. The balloon is filled with helium (or hydrogen) and used for the main transport function, which results in a high flight endurance and altitude. Driving force can be manpulated by altering balloon volume. The control is performed by the software of the drone with the function of automatic control. The main features of the platform are flight time without recharge – up to 24 hours; altitude – up to 5 km; ability to work in automatic mode; ability to alter lifting force; easy disassembly, transportation and assembly; safety; noiselessness. Target customers are companies which provide drone base services: video/photo recording for long time and/or at high altitude; monitoring and communication in emergency situations; security; inspection of infrastructure facilities.

Annual Revenue (USD)


MRR - Monthly recurring revenue (USD)


Funding spent to date (USD)

40 000