Meetup #3 was implemented on may 16, 2019 in Kyiv in cooperation with the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine as part of the all-Ukrainian innovation festival. Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge had its own competition stage, which was attended by about 150 people! We accepted more than 30 applications for participation in the competition, of which 12 of the best projects were allowed to perform on the final stage of the competition. The competition was won by the New Vision project, which received a prize of 1000 euros from Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge. In addition, the PUSB team highlighted the HomeMappy project, which received coverage for participation in the Wolves Summit 2019 in Poland. The event was attended by representatives of VC funds from the Bridge Alfa program: Simpact VC, AgriTechHub, ValueTech. The report from the event was broadcast in the most popular Ukrainian news channel ICTV. An archived recording of the report can be found at this link.