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  • Sector

    Education, Events, Marketplace

  • Investment Ticket (USD)

    275 000

  • Investment type

    Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public grant, Business Angel

  • Investment round


  • Business Model

    B2C, B2B

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Events Terminal

Events Terminal is an educational marketplace that enables anyone to access livestreams and recordings from top-rated experts globally. The platform solves a problem of access to knowledge-sharing events that take place in different cities and countries. Apart from this, 1 billion people globally have different types of disabilities that stops them from attending events physically. On Events Terminal anyone can watch educational events video with subtitles, get transcript or just listen audio. Users can see event rating made by other users, take notes while watching to learn faster or to share insights with friends on Facebook or Linkedin.

Annual Revenue (USD)

Over 1000 users including several paying customers

MRR - Monthly recurring revenue (USD)

Irregular income

Funding spent to date (USD)

10 000