• Founding date


  • Headquarter

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Current project stage


  • Product type


  • Sector

    Automotive, Transport

  • Investment Ticket (USD)

    1 600 000

  • Investment type

    Venture Capital, Private Equity, Business Angel

  • Investment round


  • Business Model

    B2B2C, B2G

  • Source of current funding

    Founders, Business Angel, VC fund, Other


Smart transportation company which creates fully electric bike that set the Guinness World Record for the longest range: 236 miles on a single charge (more than Tesla 3). An innovative frame design enables more battery capability. Proprietary software manages the bike’s vital KPIs. It weighs 43 kg and it can ride up to 45 km/h. The bike is a perfect solution for businesses that rely on swift and efficient transportation and bike enthusiasts that are eco-conscious. Delfast has sold 44 units through Kickstarter and more than 70 units through website. It has started general mass production in the end of 2018. It offers 3 different models which differ in look, performance and price.

Annual Revenue (USD)

400 000

MRR - Monthly recurring revenue (USD)

30 000

Funding spent to date (USD)

800 000