• Founding date


  • Headquarter

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Current project stage


  • Product type


  • Sector

    FinTech, IT

  • Investment Ticket (USD)

    Futures contracts

  • Investment type

    Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, Business Angel

  • Investment round


  • Business Model


  • Source of current funding

    Business Angel


Decidex is a hybrid decentralized trading platform that consolidates all the key tools necessary for trading cryptocurrencies and other assets (precious metals, equity and debt securities, currencies and commodities) that could be digitized. Decentralized crypto asset management system makes it less vulnerable to the hackers’ attacks. Thanks to its unique consensus algorithm, it eliminates the risk of fee speculations by producers, as well as of a majority pool’s formation. Zero-cost transactions and high processing speeds are ensured by integrating two innovative blockchains: Decidex and EOS. Among their key benefits are unlimited scalability and complete decentralization, achieved by using voting to determine which nodes will carry out transactions in the system.

Annual Revenue (USD)

150 000

MRR - Monthly recurring revenue (USD)

12 500

Funding spent to date (USD)

45 000