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    Irvine, CA, USA

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    Automotive, Ecommerce, IT, SaaS

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    Corporate Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public grant

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    Corporate, Other

Coreteka. TMSA

Transport Management System which is a platform for customers, carriers and recipients which gives them all the necessary information related to the cargo. The platform allows to control and reduce the delayed goods delivery risk, automates the process of creating applications for transportation and carrier selection. It includes personal accounts, creator of transportation applications, carriers choice support, cargo tracking, notifications of late and rejected cargo. Application is formed by the pre-created templates, by adding unique order parameters or by the kilometer or hourly rates. In the carrier’s account, the operator receives an application for transportation, attaches the vehicle, driver, security guard and automatically generates documents. The system has also workplace for a warehouse operator who sends / receives cargo. Operator can track when transport will arrive for loading / unloading. Coreteka TMS tracker enables optimization of logistics processes by 2% which results in 1,2% reduction of CO2 emissions.